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Most Populated States In India 🇮🇳 Evolution (+future)

Government of Canada List of Metis Organizations

The Government of Canada has closed down the Aboriginal Canada Portal website pages. This will affect the ability of Metis persons to find the appropriate community for application as registered members. Here is a list of organizations that issue Metis Status cards in Ontario.

How Did The Australian Aborigine Get To Australia?

The first human inhabitants of the island continent of Australia arrived perhaps as long ago as 60,000 years – just 10,000 years after some nomadic band(s) kissed their African homeland good day. Since there is, and never has been in human prehistory, a land bridge between the two geographical continents, the first Australians had to have mastered the ‘art’ of sailing. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to back up what must be the obvious.

Are We Equipped for the Challenges of the 21st Century?

A critical review of Ornstein and Ehrlich’s perspective on psychological preferences of humans. Is this too alarmist and narrow thinking for today’s society?

The Function of Genes

The genes of a person are an identifier of their relationship with family members and can be used to trace migration of groups and their origin. The science behind it is also used to solve crimes and identify felons who leave traces of DNA at a crime scene.

The Human Species And The Extraterrestrial Connection

There are various enigmas that cry out for resolution, like the Fermi Paradox regarding ET, “Where is everybody?” Then there are enigmas surrounding human origins, evolution and characteristics, extinctions, migrations and colonizations, and the rise to civilization. Finally, much that’s in our global mythologies is anomalous. In modern times we have UFOs and alien abductions. It’s time to wrap all this up in one neat little package, tied up with a nice little ribbon and bow.

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