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Most Powerful Economies in the World (1980-2026)

This video shows the Most Poweful Economies in the World,

based on nominal GDP, between years 1980 and 2026. Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. As a broad measure of overall domestic production, it functions as a comprehensive scorecard of a given country’s economic health.

Global Stats – High Quality Visualizations
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Data Source: International Monetary Fund database
Music: Scott Buckley – Terminus, Pathfinder

Bankruptcy in Retirement

The financial crisis ravaged many families, and those aging baby boomers were not saved from the financial plight. As many reach retirement age with smashed 401ks, empty IRAs and stock portfolios that are only a fraction of what they were a decade ago, bankruptcy protection offers hope for the future.

The “Triple Lindy” Retirement Plan

Rodney Dangerfield’s character was living his “Triple Lindy” with his son at college. He had planned for his future so he was able to do what he wanted to do… when he wanted to do it. That is Triple Lindy, Retirement Planning.

Why Should You Transfer Your Pension?

If you have a personal pension, stakeholder, with profits pension, group personal pension, or money purchase pension you are more likely to be in a bad rather than good one. Many of the well known high street pension providers and those firms who in the past had large sales forces visiting people in their homes tended to invest clients money is what is called Balanced Managed Funds. These have not performed well against each other or investment markets in general.

Buying Real Estate In Your IRA/401K

Have you ever heard your broker tell you that you can buy stocks, bonds and mutual finds inside your retirement account? Of course, just about all of us that have retirement accounts are told by the account team what we can and cannot buy. My retirement account custodian, Charles Schwab, told me (well not Chuck himself) that I can by anything in my Schwas IRA as long as it was stocks bonds, mutual finds or CD’s. Great, I bought guaranteed 5% CD’s that mature in 5 years. That was 4 years ago. But did anyone every tell me that if I had a retirement account with another company that I could by real estate or anything – including stocks, bonds, etc? Nope! I came across this by accident and haven’t looked back since. Now I buy and sell real estate and my retirement plan is the owner. I write checks for down payments from the retirement account without waiting to talk with a custodian.

The United States of Jimbabwe

Question – – What do you get when you combine the worst economic policies of Japan from the 1990s and 2000s with the worst economic policies of President Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe? You get The United States of Jimbabwe. You get the worst possible outcome for 100% of the middle class as well as 95% of the population hoping their government representatives [gulp] intervene to save the country. You get (or should I say, America will get) – *Stubbornly high unemployment *Continued wage deflation for the middle class *Continued massive defaults by consumers *Massive defaults from cities, counties and states *Increased foreclosures nationwide

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