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Universal Culture – How Free Thought Went Too Gently Into That Good Night

A few years back I penned a short essay entitled, “The Counter-Cultural Melting Pot” for a few offline publications. At the time, my goal was to shed light on the severe lacking of an intellectually free-thinking subversive culture. At one point, this dissident society would have been found in the undercurrent of American thought, arts, and literature.

Random Considerations About Ancient History

What is it about ancient people that interests us? Why study how people lived thousands of years ago? Is there any reason to learn about how they lived their lives and what kinds of beliefs they had?

Hobsonville Point – An Overview of the New Development on the Hobsonville Peninsula Auckland

Hobsonville Point is a new 3000 house development project in Auckland. It is a large, long term project that brings with it many positives and negatives. How will this project affect you? Would Hobsonville Point be an area in which you would like to live? It will be interesting to see how this project progresses over the estimated 15 year development timeline, and how it will affect current and future residents in the area.

The Abolition of Birthright

The French Revolution (1789-1799) served to abolish the existing governmental structure in France. The people would no longer allow a system of aristocratic privilege. This led to the Enlightenment and a paradigmatic shift in the ideas of individuality and natural rights, and eventually the acceptance of a declaration of the rights of man.

On the Rise of Social Complexity

World History attempts to offer a global perspective on the collective chronicles of the Earth’s societies. This is necessary, for to view history from the perspective of any individual society is to peer through the lenses of subjective experience and thought. Science seeks an objective truth, not one riddled with misconceptions, erroneous impressions, and outright lies meant to serve the agenda of a particular group. While World History has been searching for the concrete answers, the realm of the abstract has “been the preserve mainly of mythologists, theologians, metaphysicians, and philosophers of history,” as Bruce Mazlish has said.

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