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Most soap bubbles blown inside a bubble – Guinness World Records

Not Just One Latino Leader

It comes as no surprise that the new Pew Hispanic Center survey revealed that 64% of Latinos were unable to name the person they consider to be “the most important Latino leader in the country today.” Latinos are too diverse a population to identify with just one leader. We have many political and community influentials, as well as community organizations, whom we regard as leaders but that lack the national name recognition.

The World Pride and Power Conference

The World Pride & Power Organization will host the First Annual World Pride & Power Conference in an effort to foster unity, empowerment and inclusivity in SGL/ LGBT communities of African descent and their allies. The ultimate goal for uniting such as diversed group of African American SGL/ LGBT communities is create visibility, unity, and to build bridges where there were none. I had the absolute privilege to speak with one of the Founders of the Conference. Ifalade Tashia Asanti! Tashia Asanti is an award-winning activist, journalist, fiction writer, filmmaker, poet and initiated Yoruba/Ifa priestess.

Growing Global Population Can Be Fed But Only With Radical Reforms of Food Production

As the global economy struggles to recover from the financial crisis of 2008 it is becoming increasingly evident that something radical has to change if food scarcity and skyrocketing prices are to be prevented. It is suggested in a number of recently-published studies that leaving food production and distribution in the hands of a small number of global agribusinesses in the private sector and at the mercy of commodity price speculation helps no-one from the small farmer right through to the consumer. According to Olivier de Schutter, the UN special rapporteur on…

Round Them Up

Man is a hunter; there is no question about it. While nearly all simians are vegetarians (chimpanzees will eat meat when they can successfully get it), man has made the definitive leap from herbivore to omnivore. We don’t have fanged teeth, but we might as well.

Evolution, Some Facts and Some Theories

Evolution and it’s role in life on earth, is part of many debates among scientist. Creationist have their own reasons to debate evolution. There is some common ground, and some things that are just ridiculous.

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