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Most Subscribed Female Gaming YouTubers In India 🇮🇳

Stop Acting And Talking Like a Hyphenated American!

Have you ever wondered how come people use titles such as “orange-American” and really, I’m being completely politically correct here, almost to the point of absurdity because there are no orange Americans. Still, why does everyone have to be a hyphenated-American? Did you know that President Teddy Roosevelt once said; “In this country we have no place for hyphenated-Americans.”

We All Belong To A Flock Of Human Sheep – Baa!

We all probably like to pride ourselves for being independent thinkers and doers – thinking and doing outside of the box that society has tried to put us, and confine us, in. Dream on. Nearly all of us conform to the norm and rest comfortably within that box because ultimately it’s too much effort to really be an outsider, a free thinker and doer due in part to the social consequences of being, well, different. Let’s face reality; most of us are sheep most of the time.

How Can You Negotiate With a Terrorist Organization With Leaders In Hiding and Switching Sides?

There are several different theories on how to deal with terrorist organizations and guerilla political warfare. In many regards it is recommended by folks like Henry Kissinger for instance that you reach out to these groups of dissenters and the discontented and have them join the political process. In that way you diffuse their power, listen to their grievances, and allow them to be involved with the political process moving forward. Of course, obviously you can see the problem with that, and it certainly is a messy situation.

Free-Market And Maslow’s Hierarchy – An Upgrade to Explain the Results of the 2012 Election

Most all of us have heard of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which states that people need such things as food, shelter, and clothing first, but then as they work themselves up the pyramid they find that they need respect from their fellow man, entertainment, and eventually they reach self-actualization. Still, I think perhaps it’s time to revise Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in light of the results of the 2012 presidential election.

The Tibetan Epic of King Gesar – History or Prophecy?

The Tibetan Epic of King Gesar is the longest myth in the world. This article explores the possibility that the myth may in fact be a prophecy rather than merely a myth.

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