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Do Not Bite!

Biting is destroying many churches even as we speak (or read). No, I’m not talking about actual biting, but rather personal attacks, people fighting within the church. What does God tell us about biting?

Whats the Point of It All?

Making sense of an increasingly complex human society is a hands on job. But to those like me who are up for it, the world is ours.

Humans Are Fascinated With The Dead

Humans and elephants appear to be the only animals fascinated by the dead. The elephant will return again and again to its dead but humans go further. We have festivals and the means to bring the dead back among the living.

People Then and People Now

People’s mentality has changed a lot during the last couple of centuries. Although, technically speaking, in many countries there hasn’t been a change in the regime (with the exception of the former communist zones in Europe), this diverse way of thinking has led to a change in communication, work and relationships.

On Humour, the Division of Labour and Their Contribution to Our Prosperity

When considering how we came to today’s quality of life, most would think of the Industrial Revolution or changes in technology. Let’s look at how humour and the division of labour have contributed to human development.

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