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The Human Tragedy Of The Setting Summer Sun

Those were the days, the good old days as my father called them. A time most remembered when carefree summer days really seemed to never end. The endless summers of long ago have now morphed into a somber realization that time does not stand still.

Is Life Fair? An Observer’s View

This article brings forward a perspective on social issues like child labor and trafficking which leaves many children helpless especially in developing countries. People ignore such issues when it is their duty to observe and act.

Scotch And Soda

“Scotch and soda a jigger of gin oh what a spell you got me in.” When the Kingston Trio came out with that song the innocence of that period of time has been lost. Today’s violent world where insurrection, mayhem and horror are all a reality it would be such a welcome relief if the world took the time to remember a period in time of refined sophisticated elegance. Scotch and soda, that jigger of gin.

Travancore and the Missionary Impact

My article seeks to explore the British colonial impact on the kingdom of Travancore in South India in the context of Kawahima’s book on the subject. The article examines this through the medium of missionary work and how this affected a traditional society between the period 1858-1936.

Chinese Ci Shen and Paiwan Tattoos

The fascinating tattoos of the Asian people never fail to amaze Europeans. Here presented you will find an in-depth info on tattoos of the tribes and aboriginal peoples of China and Taiwan, including the Paiwan, the Dai, the Li, and the Dulong.

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