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Why Do So Many People Wish to Develop a Commune?

As I survey folks from around the globe and consider their inherent desire to have the government provide for them, it makes me wonder why humans are so often pathetically weak by nature? Sometimes I attribute these desires to socialism, communism, and runaway mobs screaming for democracy – gimme, gimme, gimme. Nevertheless, as a capitalist, self-reliant sentient being I find it rather alarming.

Bronzeville: My Personal Story

The imposing 15 foot statue at 26th and King Drive in Chicago erected in 1996 stands as a monument honoring the millions of blacks who fled the South between the end of World War I and 1970. The statue depicts a black man carrying a suitcase held together with string. He is in mid-step facing North with a look of hope and optimism. His suit of bronze shoe soles suggests the courage and determination it took placing one foot after the other to get to the Promised Land. The location of the statue is the symbolic entrance to the neighborhood known as Bronzeville located just south of the Loop (downtown Chicago).

Moving to the Big Cities: Preparing for Some Big Problems

Living in the villages is probably more interesting for some people, especially for those who really love to enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, some other people are reluctant to leave big cities due to the complete facilities and modern lifestyle. What about you? If you belong to the second group of people, you should also remember that you would have found a lot of problems and troubles in there too.

The Emerging Poverty Trend in the Western World

If your income is fixed by the job that you are currently in then you have some serious financial limitations. If you are on a fixed income this is even more of an issue, but even somebody that is earning an income on an hourly rate faces a major hurdle, as there are only 268 hours in a week you still need to eat, sleep commute and socialise. You can only physically do so much work.

She Called Herself Black Dutch

When my family now looks back at her pictures we wonder why we never questioned what she told us about herself. Her skin was certainly dark enough with piercing dark eyes and hair that she wore in long braids tied up around her head. I guess we assumed that was a “Dutch” thing.

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