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Most Subscribed Individual YouTubers In India Evolution (2009-2021)

A Modern Meaning Of Life

Ever since I was able to understand and remember conversations, read the news and generally soak up what the world was saying, there has been one question that has always stood out to me. What is the meaning of life? I used to have a little ritual that I would do when meeting new people, I would always ask one question: If you had to sum up the meaning of life in one word, what would it be?

Ship of Fools

I heard a radio news report some time ago which prompted me to form an essay regarding the topic of Good News for the Homeless of NY. I’m hoping it will prompt you the pause and think about you can do.

Direct Support Professionals – The Important Roles They Play in Health Service Delivery

Direct Support Professionals, otherwise referred to as direct care workers, are the front-line employees in many human service organizations, healthcare institutions such as hospitals, and in nursing homes. Their impact is of highly significant and great value, yet their pay remains stagnant across the board; and the many organizations they work for are over-regulated. Direct Support professionals are multidisciplinary, they sustain our communities, participate in the implementation of the various social policies in place and they play a crucial role in our national welfare system. Without Direct Support Professionals hundreds of human service, mental health, social work and healthcare organizations will be irrelevant and useless. They need a much greater recognition and pay, support and respect. They take care of, supervise and assist human beings. They have people’s lives in their hands, so to speak.

Danger of Ferguson Response with Martial Law; Need Leadership to Avoid Race-Baiting

Never mind this unarmed youth just came from a convenience store that he robbed. Never mind reports that this 300-pound youth reached into the police car and tried to grab the officer’s gun. We don’t really know the whole story, but the story seems lop-sided and makes the black population angry, inciting them to violence.

Why Women Do Not Go to the Restroom by Themselves

Over a period of time I have noticed that women generally do not like to go to the restroom alone. In a restaurant, office, or other public places women always ask other women to join them when they need to go to the restroom. Other women willingly go to the restroom with their friends or colleagues.

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