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A Sports Fan’s Favorite Color

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb recently proclaimed that African American quarterbacks receive “greater scrutiny” than their white counterparts do. Having raised the question on several college campuses, and as an African American, the truth is that sports fans of all ethnic groups tire of the great race-related cloud that seemingly never stops hanging over our sporting world and certainly, our country. Racial prejudice and racial tension is in no way unique to America, however, given our painful history with regard to human and civil rights, one would think that we would collectively focus on a more united, and tolerant future.

What Decides the Life of Empires?

Empires, which involve absolute control by one people or nation over others, vary in both nature or structure and in their lifespan. What may be the determinants in play?

Is National Sovereignty A Dead Cat?

With the establishment and operation, after World War Two, of reputable international organisations, and the sporadic formation of temporary coalitions of concerned nations to offer safety to oppressed peoples here and there, the traditional independence and political autonomy of sovereign nation-states has been severely eroded. Is there a place for national sovereignty?

Three Great Inventions That Changed the World

I was once asked to list three great inventions that changed the world. Considering the many inventions that I’ve learned about over the years, I find the most influential to have been printing with moveable type. By far, the most useful was the humanist concept of man’s pursuit of excellence. Lastly, the most harmful inventions were…

Anthropological Definition of Culture: What Is Culture?

This Article is about the definition of “culture” according to Anthropology. Here you will find non-traditional interpretations of “culture” which is useful for people who live in multicultural societies.

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