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Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Ever 2005 – 2021

In this data visualization I look at the most-subscribed channels on YouTube since its inception. Some started out with a different name and had a slow start but most of them have kept producing and gaining new subscribers. I did not include the VEVO channels as they would take up all the top spots and we already know music is popular. These stats come from the YouTube Fandom site.

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Which have been your favorite subscriptions on YouTube?

Music: Epic Motivation by Roman Cano from

How to Fix a Non-Performing Mortgage Note Problem

What you can do when your borrower stops paying. Understanding that No Investment is Guaranteed to be Perfect. Understanding What a Mortgage and Promissory Note Are. Avoid Hostilities Understanding What Options are Available to Fix the Default.

Valuation, Appraisal and Investing Tips for Real Estate Note Investing

Understanding Valuation and Appraisal of Real Estate Mortgage Notes. Savvy Investors Investigate Before Investing. Shark Protection Tips For Investing in Real Estate Promissory Notes. You can swim with the sharks if you work with the right team.

Best Investment For Money

Best investment for money is at play when the investor understands or knows very well the environment in which it is operating. I always remember that faithful Wednesday dawn when I heard a knock on my door. I opened and lo and behold it was nobody other than my seventy eight year old man. All that I remember and always lean on is what he said was his big strength for his success in life. “I always look before I leap”. What really does he look for to make best investment for money?

Mistakes Many Investors Make When Planning to Retire Early

Planning to retire early is of course in the right direction for we shall one day retire from active service and still be needing income to continue with life. Many are those who put in place working plans, before retirement with the hope of seeing them through the rest of their lives but later regret for making such a move. What really influences such decisions and are there any guidelines to help avert such situations?

Retirement Planning – It Starts With a Series of Questions and Honest Answers

Not long ago, I was talking to a registered investment advisor or what is known as a financial planner. No, it wasn’t mine rather I met the individual in passing at the local Starbucks. In talking about all the ongoing educational requirements and all the new regulations in that financial sector I realized how difficult it was for the practitioners to deal with their clientele.

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