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Most Valuable Tech Companies 2005 – 2020

Which is your favorite tech company?

This video displays the the most valuable public tech companies in a race to become the top valued company. I kept the visualization as simple as possible because it is a fun race that keeps changing a lot and doesn’t need much more. I hope you enjoy the video.

Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials – A “Blueprint” to Maximize Value – Part Two

Discount Explained. Fundamental Causes of Discounts. Essential Concepts for Promissory Note Appraisal and Valuation. Borrower’s Financial Condition. Collateral Security.

Creative Solutions To High Retirement Housing Costs

How can you reduce your cost of housing, or even get your house to earn income, so you can plan for a more comfortable retirement? Reduce your housing budget so you can make your retirement more comfortable.

Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials

A “Blueprint” to Maximum Fair Market Value-Part One. Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal Essentials. Fair Market Value Can Be Much Less Than Cost. What is a promissory note? What are the key elements that maximize the fair market value of a promissory note?

Why Caribbean Luxury Property Is A Haven For SIPP Pensions

Property investors have been on something of a rollercoaster ride since 2007, so much so that many are losing confidence in where to invest their money. For those looking at the long term, however, SIPP pensions invested in luxury property around the world can insulate from the drama in Europe.

Self Managed Super Funds – What Are the Benefits of SMSF’s?

What most of us understand as Super Funds are set up by a central trustee for the benefits of all the members. The difference for a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is that the Trustee could be you.

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