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When the Mind Gets Sick

Would you be surprised to hear that “the leading cause of disability in the US and Canada [is mental illness]” or that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from mental illness each YEAR? In other words, one person in every average-sized (2 parent/caregiver+2 child) home will suffer from a mental illness this year.

The Apocalyptic Mythos and the Modern World

Why are we so allured by the myth of the end of the world? A short look at apocalyptic myths and society.

The Will Of The People: Part 3 – A Much-Needed Compassion

Voluntary euthanasia is not killing one’s elders, or sliding down a moral slippery slope whereby mankind displays more evil than normal; neither is it suicide. Those who are free of priest-led dogma, and are capable of thinking for themselves, accept (about 85% of Australians do) that legislatively-protected, medico-assisted, compassionate, gradual-death for the few who are in enduring and severe pain which has not been alleviated by the best of palliative care, and with no known remedy, is morally undeniable. Denying adequate compassion in these circumstances is denying the core teaching of Jesus, the founder of that Christian minority which opposes voluntary euthanasia.

The Will Of The People: Part 2 – Hijacking Western Democracy

Although Western democracy is claimed to be the best form of representative government, in Australia, voters do not select or vote for their electoral representatives; they merely vote for their preferred political party, the relative competence of the candidates offered them being somewhat opaque. The control of Parliament now achieved by a minority religious community has resulted in the denial of personal choice in significant social policies. Religious dogma has over-ridden human rights.

The Will Of The People: Part 1 – A Denial Of Freedom Of Choice

Representative government in a secular Western democracy can be expected to permit the expression of a variety of social values reflecting the conscience of all the people. Yet, when a minority religious community has imposed its inflexible dogma-driven values upon the whole population, is it not timely to question how this illiberal outcome occurred? Is Western democracy to blame? On what ethical or legal basis could such a minority be permitted to over-ride the freedom of choice reflecting the personal consciences of the overwhelming majority of a population holding diverse religio-cultural values?

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