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Most Viewed YouTube Channels Ever 2005 – 2021

In this data visualization I look at the most-viewed channels on YouTube since its inception. You’ll notice that the list and history is a bit different from the most-subbed channels. Also, some channels have been terminated since those early days while others have no accurate data available anywhere, so there may be a few missing from this list. These stats come from the YouTube Fandom and the Internet Archive.

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Why Purchasing an Income Annuity May Not Make Sense

Guaranteed income annuities (also known as immediate fixed annuities) are becoming increasingly popular as a result of recent stock market volatility. But for retirees looking to guarantee themselves a monthly income, is purchasing an annuity from a private insurance company the best use of a nest egg?

Retirement – How To Create Permanent Financial Security

Ok. So you’ve been working very hard trying to save as much as you can for your future and your retirement? You figure this will be a guarantee for you to enjoy your golden retirement years when it comes? But, only now you realized that you have fallen short of your retirement projections. You realize that all your savings and penny-pinching still is not enough. You are now stressing because you realized that you just won’t have enough money saved to live comfortable after retirement. Worse, you know that once you retire, you won’t have enough…

Creating Your Retirement Wealth From The Comfort Of Your Home

Looking for a way to increase your nest egg and secure a lucrative retirement portfolio with little effort? Then this information is for you. First and foremost, this investment strategies that are about to learn, are known as ‘The Best Investments In America’ You are about to learn the inside secrets of how the rich create and secure their wealth. For over 100 years, this little known secret has created millionaires and has provided a lifestyle for these folks that most people can only dream about…

How To Create A Safe, Secure And Wealthy Retirement Lifestyle

Whether you are already retired or you are on your way to retirement, you are about to discover some vital information that can make a difference in your financial future. Right now, you may be one of the millions of Americans who are faced with retirement and is feeling worried at this time. You may sometimes find yourself just lying there awake at nights unable to sleep because of the unfortunate financial dilemma you are faced with at your retirement stage. Perhaps you have often times feel the lumps in your throat and the hard knots in pit of your stomach when you look and think about your declining bank…

How To Create Wealth And Financial Security For Your Retirement

Worried about your retirement income or lack of it? Most people are. In today’s economy, preparing for retirement has become much more difficult for the majority of people. You cannot even depend on your J.O.B. to provide certain types of job security anymore. It is no secret that most employers are sidestepping the responsibilities of retirement planning for their employees. They are literally handing it over to you and the other employees to take care of yourself after retirement. There are no job securities or…

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