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The Year 2012 Will Certainly Change Ukraine’s Tarnished Image

Ukraine has many people working abroad. The image of Ukraine by many foreigners is tarnished and negative. Tourism in 2012 will change the image of Ukraine in the eyes of the world.

Social Customs Of Pakistan

Broadly speaking, Pakistanis can be divided into ‘Urdu-wallahs’ i.e. those who speak their local language, wear local costume and are practicing Muslims, and ‘English-wallahs’, i.e. those who speak English, went overseas to university, wear foreign dress and are secular in outlook.

The Illusion of Determinism In Addiction Treatment

Hamlet, in anguish, questions? “To be or not to be?” For a cut throat, drug seeking addict this anguish is translated in “To use or not to use?” It is not only the quintessential question for existence, it is a mantra to be repeated again and again until the transformation takes place, and decision is made.

The Blaze and the Noise – What Did We Learn From the Summer London Riots of 2011

It’s hard to imagine what the French revolution was like, that is until you watched the riots and looting in the summer of 2011 in London England. We saw similar challenges a few years back in France. That time we saw some 400 different cities with rioters and civil unrest throwing Molotov cocktails into automobiles, burning down buildings, and an abundance of sound and fury amongst the blaze and noise.

Some Thoughts on Social Media and the Riots in London in August of 2011

Have we become too tolerant in the name of tolerance? Have we become too politically correct to demand orderly conduct from the electorate? Have we gone too far out of our way to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy to the point at which we can no longer enforce our way of life and our laws in our civilization?

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