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Mr. Indian Hacker Vs Crazy xyz Vs Experiment King Vs Yash Ke Experiments

Why Do People Lie?

When lies reign we are all victims and when the truth fails we are pushed over the cliff of despair and unhappiness. People, however, are geared into telling them just as others are programmed to believe them.

Perspectives on White and Black Racism

I am as much against racism as are most non-white people; yet even I got accused of racism and bigotry. This is irresponsible behavior…

Development of Sociology and Its Discipline

As human beings we are bound to behave in a certain manner as we reside in a world where we live to interact with others. Knowing, behaviour of people, its civilization and beliefs is what developed a feeling of curiosity around the 19th century.

Redefining Advertising: Ruminations On Community, Crowd-Sourced And Wholesome Advertising

I am going to reassess the definition and meaning of advertising. I plan to offer a wholesome re-definition of what advertising is in respect to the benefits of advertising and sharing advertisement space for the purpose of gaining notoriety, public presence, or further increasing profitability and communal inheritance through like minded organizers and entrepreneurs who foster a communal character for the greater good.

Discrimination Against Women Has Religious Links

In many countries women are largely denied education, working rights and equal opportunities. They are also subjected to male domination largely because of religious beliefs that research shows have their roots in ancient sun worship.

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