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A Generation Gap in 1960-1980 in China

The effect was made to reopen the schools and colleges in 1960. The admission of new students was not accompanied by a complete reassertion of the old practices, which the left wing had condemned as elitist. The examinations were restored, and the authority of teachers, who had been humiliated and abused since 1965, was protected.

Mayan Culture and History

Why one of the greatest civilizations on earth collapsed is a mystery. From about 2000 BC until 1500 AD, the area it occupied was very large, extending all the way from modern New Mexico south to Honduras, El Salvador, most of Guatemala, and Belize. Enormous temples, pyramids and cities still inspire awe in tourists who visit the ruins.

From the Stone Age Up to Now

Irian Jaya is the home of the most primitive and isolated populations in the world. This culture is completely primitive; numbers, the value of money and art are unknown. Pigs and bones are considered merchandise for exchange and circulate freely as dowry for marriages, funerals and ritual feasts.

Would a Beehive of Ant Farm Run More Efficiently With a Capitalist Social Structure – Hell Yes!

Many people believe that evolution or god is much better at engineering, even social engineering amongst species here on Earth than humankind’s small minds could ever conjure up. Indeed, I completely disagree, in fact, I’d say that humans have enough mental capacity to improve upon everything that exists here on this planet. After all, show me a bird that fly nearly the speed of sound and carry 230 passengers?

National Diversity, A Mixed Blessing

Diversity in life could be a boon or a bane or both for a country. It has its own plus and negative implications. There is no final word whether it is a source of positive development or becomes a hurdle. India is an elusive country in this matter. Life is full of contraries and strangely enough there is something that absorbs all the factors which clash with each other.

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