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Promissory Note Valuation Mistake: Fair Market Value Vs. Historical Cost

Overpaying Taxes and Fees Because of Valuation Confusion. Fair Market Value vs. Historical Cost. A Promissory Notes Fair Market Values are Usually Less than its Cost. Using the Wrong Value Costs Extra Money. Factors Affecting Promissory Note Valuation.

Critical Question: Who Taught Your Financial Planner What He Knows?

How can you determine whether a financial advisor is qualified to help you with your needs or simply a salesman out to sell you a product? Here is a great tip: ask not only what the advisor knows, but who taught him what he knows.

Convertible Promissory Notes – What They Are and How They Work

What is a convertible promissory note? What are the common elements of a convertible promissory note? Why are convertible promissory notes issued? Why invest in a convertible promissory Note? What is the conversion discount and how does it work?

Maximize Your Savings With A Retirement Plan

Most of us believe expenses reduce after retirement. However, soaring inflation and rising cost of medical care can leave less money in your pocket, forcing you to cut down on other essential expenses. With inflation running at 7-8%, your expenses will double every 9-10 years.

Advantages of Tax Lien Investing – How You Can Take Part Of It?

Remember a few years ago when you can buy more for less? Today, economic forces are making our life even more complicated. From the rising prices of basic needs, increasing number of unemployment to additional taxes for the middle and lower classes – life is getting harder every year.

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