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Determinants of Population Size and Growth-Birth Rate, Death Rate and Migration

There are three main factors which determine the population size and growth of a given country. There three factors are birth rate, death rate and migration.

Population and Population Census

Population is the total number of people living within a country or a geographical area at a particular time. Population in other words, refers to the total number of children, adults (men and women), youth (boys and girls) living in a given geographical area, which may be a town, village or country, at a specific time. The study of population is very important for many reasons.

The Evolution Revolution on the Holiday Season

Once again the holiday season is approaching. And humankind’s ‘State of the Union’ leaves a great deal to be desired. But the insanity rampant on our precious planet today is actually the death throes of the old self-centered paradigm.

Aborigine Boomerangs

One of the more unique and interesting tools found in the outback of Australia, boomerangs served a very useful purpose. There are many different sizes, types and shapes, depending on the culture, geographic location and need of the hunter. The type of prey would also determine what kind of weapon would be needed.

When The Matric Celebration Meant The Child Could Not Attend Varsity

South Africa is in turmoil. A person is seen as worthless, but goods are seen as worthwhile. This is a sad state of affairs, and what I have just read on a social networking site is typical of the shoddy view people here have of even their own children, as well as themselves.

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