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Ezira Orumba (Ezziha)

Ezira {Ezziha} is a village, located at Eastern Nigeria, in Orumba south local government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria, West Africa, in Africa. A.K.A Umuozimba Ihe. Ezira was found by Ancient fathers of the village, in more than 2000 years ago. The population rated about 87,000…

Columna Cerului and Shamanism

Explores the concept of the Tree of Life as it’s applied to shamanism. Explains the connection between Columna Cerului and shamanism.

The Taboo Truth About Openness in Anglo/Oriental Cultures

An obvious social truth that people are afraid to mention because there is an unspoken social law against it and due to the shame and loser stigma attached to it. A rare truth you will only find here.

Gay Versus Straight Research By Online Provider

With gay issues being topical in a number of countries recently, a refreshing market research by OkCupid provides some unemotional facts for us to look at. These facts are data extracted from their database spanning North America, including Canada. The provider runs an online dating agency and has collated data across the board from their the interests and answers of their users.

Aboriginal Ways

To the Aborigine, life was all about survival, a work ethic had nothing to do with it, here in America as well as in other parts of the industrialized world, we are taught a good and moral work ethic in order to improve our lot in life and have things previous generations couldn’t even imagine having. The Aborigine knew no such thing, because of their environment, their only focus was surviving, they don’t understand and even laugh at us for working so hard. They wouldn’t think…

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