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MrBeast vs Morgz vs Logan Paul vs Jake Paul vs Dude Perfect vs KSI vs PewDiePie – Money/Subscribers

This video Shows a selection of famous YouTubers (MrBeast, Morgz, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Dude Perfect, KSI and PewDiePie) and compares Subscriber count and earnings, from its channel creation to June 2020.
Earnings are an estimation, using 2 USD per 1000 views.

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Music: Scott Buckley – Helios

Valuing/Appraising Your IRA Account – What Are the IRS Rules?

What are the Internal Revenue Rules for valuing your IRA account? How often must your IRA account be valued?

5 Ways to Save Money For Retirement

The old idea of retirement and saving for the future doesn’t work – ask someone who has retired. Many people who have been paying towards pension funds, retirement funds and provident funds all their working lives and are shocked when they realize they can’t retire. They have done everything correctly, followed all “the rules” and paid every month for 30 or 40 years.

What Is Employees’ Provident Fund?

The Employees’ Provident Fund is run by an organization by the same name by the Government of India. It is a social security organization and provides pension benefits to the huge number of organized workforce in the country. Let us see the benefits of it.

New Pension Scheme: Benefits and Features

Let us discuss the benefits of New Pension Scheme launched by the Government of India. Definition: it is a scheme meant for stable but wise retirement planning where all members get to invest in Equity. They all get a Permanent Retirement Account.

Self Managed Superannuation and Property

In Australia there is a growing trend towards opening Self Managed Super Funds, many investors are doing so specifically to invest in Australia’s strong residential real estate market. While this appears to be a great strategy many investors take this step before doing their homework, there are a few things the be aware of; It is essential to make sure any property investment meets your objectives, i.e. do you want capital growth or income? Can your fund afford to negatively gear into property?

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