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MrBeast vs PewDiePie vs T-Series and others- Earnings and Subscribers History & Projection 2006-2022

This visualization shows the evolution in Earnings and Subscribers of a selection of the Most Subscribed Channels (T-Series, Cocomelon, PewDiePie, MrBeast, 5-minute Crafts and SET India), between the years 2006 and 2022.

From April 2006 to August 2020, historic data was used (obtained from Social Blade). From August 2020 onwards, a regression formula by SociaBlade was used to predict both earnings and subscribers. The estimated results have an error rate of 5.76% and 2.89%.

Earings estimations was made using views history and projection, along with estimated CPM for each YouTube Channel.

Global Stats – High Quality Visualizations. New video coming soon, please Subscribe!

Data source: SocialBlade
Music: Savfk – The Goldbach Conjecture

Protect Your Money by Understanding the Meaning of “Fiduciary”

One of our friends told us about how she recently lost a lot of money due to owning a a variable annuity. When the stock market tanked, she went to cash out to save what little she had left and was surprised to learn she had to pay a “surrender” fee – in addition to the 20% she also owed the IRS. Ouch!

Choosing a Financial Planner for Your Future Retirement: Part I – Needs and Expectations

With some guidance and a willingness to develop and follow a financial plan, most people can adequately manage their own finances. However you may need to choose an Financial Advisor to assist you. The right person can be one of the most important decisions you can make and these articles will help you make the best decision possible.

Buy Gold As an Investment Hedge – Get the Best of Both Worlds

Purchasing of investment hedge helps to reduce the impact of inflation and offset market losses. Lot of risk is involved if you make investments on stocks, bonds and on other investment vehicles and this investment hedge is a way to hedge against these risks. The main reason for people to invest in gold is because it is a precious metal which has high demand and value.

Income Investing: News, Mis-Information, and Opportunities

There are at least eight reasonable explanations for recent price weakness — there are at least eight excellent reasons why investors should be viewing this weakness as a buying opportunity. Clearly, the financial press has not attended any of my seminars on income investing. Lower prices and higher yields are good news for income investors!

The Elevation Group

Have you been following Mike Dillard? If you haven’t been, do you know who he is? Well, then you know that he has started a new group called The Elevation Group.

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