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My mods only changed my outside, not my inside! #Shorts

This Time Of Year

This is supposed to be the best time of year and yet there lingers a foreboding premonition of turbulent times ahead. Remembering back to my childhood years Christmas seasons for many were filled with anticipated wonderment especially on Christmas Eve. That wonderment was often fulfilled on Christmas morning.

NUDE News: A New Perspective On The News

There is little diversity in the organizations that bring us the news in the U.S. With the advent of cable news and seemingly endless numbers of radio broadcasts, the fact is that six conglomerates, six media giant companies often referred to as “The Big Six” largely control the news. This helps explain the need for the topic of this piece, namely, NUDE news.

Spartan Creed for Every Deed

Spartan creed for every deed suggests the duty, discipline and devotion for the ultimate quest of the personal mission. For an ethical framework by which life is a meaningful experience in every aspect, the free will choice is in the purpose of individuation. A code of ethics is a private selection. For a few, who prefer a more demanding existence, one filled with the pleasures and pains of real-life exposure, a Spartan perspective may be more acceptable.

Stopping Veteran Suicide – A Viable Approach to Identification, Assessment, and Intervention

I like getting down to the practical basics, or operational dynamics, for finding solutions to problems, especially a problem like rampant suicide by U.S. military veterans. According to the existing statistics, over 9,000 honorably discharged marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen successfully kill themselves every year. That has been the case in increasing proportions since around 1995, and especially after September 2001, amounting to presently around 200,000 dead veterans since 1995. If there is a reason for this happening, it definitely must have something to do with the conflictive and questionably necessary wartime killings that occurred during this timeframe. For during the Vietnam-era, 1963 until 1975, there were substantially fewer suicides among active-duty GIs and veterans returning from Vietnam. There were, of course, a few regrettable suicides of Vietnam veterans between 1975 and 1995 (20 years), but the number of suicides of veterans for those years, approximately 9,000, were substantially fewer than the approximate 200,000+ veterans who have supposedly taken their lives since around 1995. This article will examine a probable reason for this significant disparity, and will propose a practical means of substantially preventing this terrible thing from continuing in second decade the 21st Century.

Warrior’s Credo: Part 6: Free Will Fosters the Force of Freedom

Free will takes to the joust of disbelief, as many forsake the essence of one’s capacity for the freedom of choice. In lieu of liberation, most prefer enslavement to an ideology of deterministic oppression. Others, a valiant few, will fight on and resist the simplistic complacency of safe mediocrity in status quo consensus. Instead of the influence of logic, creativity and transformation, all often feelings devolve to selfish arrogance of antisocial contrivances. Maladaptive and regressive, pitiful excuses for the stupidity, shape modern narratives from one alibi to the next. Frequently, responsibility hides with accountability the darkness of human motivations. While integrity searches for the lost horizons of credence, common sense takes exile. Human systems, influenced by over-lapping human interactions, devolve to the consumptive pursuit of consumer gluttony. Intellectual advancement suffers.

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