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Leadership Principles of the Warrior – Series Fourteen Leadership Ascendency (Part 6)

Enlightened ascendency in leadership is extraordinarily more than what typical American culture might claim. Such appellation to a mortal human is beyond the mere conception of social consensus, or assigned mediocrity of academic speculation. Most will not understand the intricate and complex nature of that which constitutes and evolving differentiated individual. Many are looking for the reality of is such existence within the limited scope of often misguided and pretentious conjecture.

In Dreams

In the dreams of many one is carried away to a land of enchantment and wonder. Then again there are many a night where one dreams of misfortune and woe. It is those most trouble some nights when we suddenly wake up and realize that the world has indeed changed.

Martin Luther King and the Jesus-Peace He Stood for

On the fiftieth anniversary of Dr King’s death, his legacy stands as tall as ever. Throughout his life he powerfully preached the redemptive message, ‘Let freedom ring.’

By Unintelligent Design

One has to wonder ever since the 1990’s how the United States plummeted from being the stalwart nation of the world to now a mere shadow of its former self. Some believe we have only ourselves to blame for the election of Donald Trump. While others put it more bluntly on the power brokers of both political parties and the main stream media.

Initiation Rituals Related to Easter

As a graduate in Anthropology one of the most common ceremonies in ancient and some modern societies is the initiation of young boys. Ultimately the elevation of their status to that of manhood displays similarities with the Easter ritual of crucifixion that cannot be easily overlooked. There is commonalty as well in the archaeological records that display symbols and meaning akin to modern Christianity.

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