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Origins Of Agriculture: Anthropology Vs Mythology

We’re aware that once upon a time our ancient ancestors lived day-to-day as nomadic hunters and gatherers. Then, roughly 10,000 years ago, in various locations around the globe, we ceased our wanderings, put down roots as rural agricultural-based settlements, and became civilized. Anthropologists cannot tell us why. Mythology does tell us why – the gift of agriculture was from the gods. What to those cultures were gods, we can interpret as ‘ancient astronauts’.

Why Mentalist Carl Swindler Is a Psychological Mastermind

He has no special powers, but he is very good at reading body language, detecting lies and knows how to influence human behavior. Mentalist Carl Swindler can tell when you’re lying. If it’s not your words that give you away, it’s your posture or breathing pattern.

Everyone Is Special

All of the people on the earth today are special! Anyone who has studied history realizes that our forefathers went through hell just to stay alive and then propagate.

Rebellion, Government and Real Offenders

The situation facing people who are in dissent is paradoxical. In places where they have the most reason to rebel, they have the least freedom to rebel; whereas in places where they have the most freedom to rebel there is least reason to rebel. In Muslim, right-wing Christian and Communist societies there is most reason for rebellion, and in those societies it is least tolerated.

We Still All Belong To A Flock Of Human Sheep – More Baa!

I said it before, I’ll say it again: nearly all of us conform to the sociological norm and rest comfortably within the cultural box society demands of us, because, ultimately it’s too much effort to really be an outsider, a free thinker and doer due in part to the social consequences of being, well, different. Let’s face reality; most of us are sheep most of the time. Here’s round two of ‘what the flock’ just to further drive home the point.

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