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History of Indian Immigration to the USA

The first Indians arrived in the US in the mid-nineteenth century in search of economic opportunities. Most of the early immigrants were Sikhs who sought a living in Canada and the US after the 1899-1900 famine devastated Punjab. The new immigrants found jobs in lumber mills for low wages.

Preserving Indian Traditions in the US

Over the decades, immigrant Indians have permeated several segments of the US economy and society without compromising their tradition and culture. Most Indian families are committed to preserve their traditional values and transmit them to their descendants.

How Human Populations Can Reach Quasi-Infinity and Live Forever

Last year, I was talking to an acquaintance about the realities of over population of a finite system, namely; Earth. Humans take up space, require food resources, energy, etc. and the more there are the quicker you use up things to the degree that you cannot replace them fast enough to support the population, thus, like Jared Diamond points out in his famous bestselling book; Collapse. Let’s talk.

Explain the Reasons for and Problems of Population Forecasting at the National Scale Using Examples

Population forecasting has been done the world over. There are many complex reasons behind this, and governments in the main require such information as it is seminal to population and social policies in the near future.

Create Your Success

Create your own success through mindset. This is the first thing you should do before you do any marketing. Without proper mindset, there will be no success in your life or your online business.

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