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RC Car drives on WATER for Guinness World Records title!

Cultural Education Via Cultural Symbols for Interior and Exterior Decorations of Public Buildings

The cultures of people have great potentials in inculcating values and norms into its members. These values and norms disseminated through cultural education help in fostering good living relations among society members. In most cultures of the world, special cultural symbols are normally used for educating the norms and values of one’s culture. Good behavioral traits such as humility, hospitality, honesty, hard work, and respect are extolled in the symbolic and philosophical meanings enshrined in these cultural symbols. For example, in Ghana, the Adinkra symbols are culturally charged designs that illustrate the accepted values and norms in the Ghanaian community. These culture oriented symbols must be used for decorating the interiors and exteriors of public buildings like community centers, libraries, banks, hotels, restaurants and so forth. This would heighten the cultural education avenues in Ghana.

When The Gray Has Turned White

As the age of my years finally catches up one can tell that time moves at a faster pace now. I can tell it by the way I am relegated in the way I am forced to move. Always a bit slower and more careful.

There Is A Difference Between Bias And Actual Observation – Do We Want PC Artificial Intelligence?

What some politically correct people call bias is really just Artificial Intelligent (AI) observation of the actual environment. So, what’s wrong with that – AI used probability when making decisions – ever heard of it? Everyone should. If a human fails to take into consideration what it experiences in its environment to make its decisions, then one could say; It Isn’t Intelligent.

The Waning of The Powers of Traditional Authorities in Africa: What Went Wrong?

Since the dawn of man and prior to the discovery of civilization, human societies have governed themselves via traditional authorities. The traditional authorities consist of the chief, his sub-chiefs and a team of elders, forming the traditional council. This body governed societies, formulating laws and orders for the people to observe. These laws regulated the moral behaviors and attitudes of community members while promoting peace and unity amongst the people. The judgment or verdict passed by the chief was final and was accepted by every member of the society. However, the situation is somehow different today in Africa. The authority of the traditional authorities that was held in high esteem is gradually being weakened.

Jallikkattu – Why This Agitation in Tamilnadu by Students, Favouring the Bull-Taming Sports?

Tamilnadu is famous for the cultural sports activities. Kabadi is a common man’s game which anybody can take part and which involves enough muscle strength and retention of breath. Another game which is worth mentioning is Gilli which is the fore runner of modern cricket game wherein only two sticks are used by players, the longer stick as bat and the smaller one as the ball. Rural folks from Tamil land are famous for ‘silambattam’ meaning fighting with long sticks. These games involve only human players. The game Jallikkattu involves Bulls being tamed by human force and which remains as the symbol of Tamil culture from time immemorial. Only because animals are part of the game, animal lovers portrayed it as cruelty to animals and Government of India banned it. There is a huge protest all over Tamilnadu to restore the sports saying that it is a blow to the long living Tamil culture. In addition to cultural issues, the issue involves several complicated issues like a ban on PETA, against opening market to international companies, banning of bottled drinks etc. A brief account on the real issues involved are given in this article..

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