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Richest and Poorest Countries in the World – GDP per capita History and Projection (1985-2025)

This video shows a comparison of GDP (PPP) per capita of the World countries and various dependent territories, between 1985 and 2025, using historical and projected data from World Bank. It shows 2 rankings (top and bottom 14 countries) and a line chart showing the contintents GDP PPP per capita evolution. It also shows a timelapse map with coloured area according to its GDP (PPP) per capita.

GDP per capita (PPP based) is gross domestic product converted to international dollars using purchasing power parity rates and divided by total population. An international dollar has the same purchasing power over GDP as a U.S. dollar has in the United States. A purchasing power parity (PPP) between two countries, A and B, is the ratio of the number of units of country A’s currency needed to purchase in country A the same quantity of a specific good or service as one unit of country B’s currency will purchase in country B. PPPs can be expressed in the currency of either of the countries. In practice, they are usually computed among large numbers of countries and expressed in terms of a single currency, with the U.S. dollar (US$) most commonly used as the base or “numeraire” currency.

Data Source: World Map
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Improve Your Investment Portfolio

There are many ways to improve investment portfolios for higher potential returns. Most important is to identify the goal of each investment. By clearly identifying the goal, the timeline and the amount of volatility or risk that is acceptable and viable, an effective portfolio can be addressed or built.

Financial Planning: Map Your Success

Financial Planning is a process to better enable individuals and businesses to better utilize existing resources to accomplish their goals while reducing risk and uncertainty. The downside of not having a plan may include: inappropriate amounts or ownership of insurance coverage, underutilized assets, lack of professional money management, and a lack of clarity on financial goals.

How To Build A Solid Tax Sheltered Income In This Era, The Second In A Series, An In Depth Quest

The question is how can we build a tax sheltered income in this tax and spend era? This is a question many Americans are asking. I first talked about raising Alpacas for fun and profit, although Alpacas are delightful critters not everyone has the land or the ability to go down that path. The current Administration and congress have eliminated many legitimate tax shelters in the last two years. The quest for legitimate tax sheltered incomes that actually make money are getting to be more of a challenge to find in recent years.

Things That You Need to Think About Retirement Careers

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Best Retirement Savings Plans to Consider

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