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Richest G20 Countries by GDP Per Capita (1960-2021)

I Will Create It for You (2)

God says to you that He is making a way for you! You will see a solution miraculously appearing to you. It will happen supernaturally and suddenly; just like a dream. You know, naturally it is not easy to make a road through such tough terrain like the wilderness because it is usually a vast, unfriendly, dangerous and desolate environment. But God is saying to you today that He will make it possible. Praise God! That thing that has taking long and looks so insurmountable like the wilderness will give way! Just get ready!

Games Motorists Play

The many virtues of culture and religion, real and imagined, are no consolation for the many ugly warts and moles that people display through behavior. Many of the social ills, like the serious lack of concern for fellow human beings or the VIP culture, stem from the attitude, namely the ‘I, me and myself’ attitude to life, fairness be damned. Motorists that are lined behind their side of the road refuse to keep lined up one behind the other on their side of the road. They jump lanes to right, potentially obstructing traffic that will come from the other side. Initially, a line of vehicles starts building up on both sides of the crossing in an orderly fashion. If both the lines wait calmly in their designated lanes all the vehicles will cross on time.

America’s Killing Fields

When we hear about Killing Fields we automatically conjure up images of the horrific carnage that took the lives of millions during both World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and all the other atrocities that occur when governments violently struggle for more wealth, power, and control. History is so often written in the blood of countless multitudes who have died by those who seek to dominate and impose their will on the rest of man. Today, millions of Americans haven’t the slightest bit of awareness to the amount of deep seeded corruption that is in all levels of government…

What Communities Can Do About Violence

What makes people violent? There are many contributors including poverty, discrimination, lack of respect and feeling insignificant in society. I wrote in the past about what individuals can do personally and what they can do in their relationships and families to reduce the likelihood of violence. Other authors have addressed the same issues. Now it is time to consider what communities can do.

When Ayomah Was About to Hang Up, She Dropped A Bombshell: Are You White Or Black?

The whole world is making a fuss over globalization and enjoying every second of it. We talk of a global village to where all mankind belong, why is a person of color, who is over-qualified to teach kids at a kindergarten school excluded?

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