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Rise of CarryMinati | Asia’s No. 1 YouTuber #shorts

Human Herd Dynamics

The fields of psychology, sociology, and political science should be fused into the field of human herd dynamics (with biology and engineering serving auxiliary roles). “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Surfer Kid Asks Neighbor for a One-Spot or Dollar, Neighbor Goes Ballistic

Not long ago, I was told a story about two neighbors in a middle class neighborhood. One was a couple mid-50’ish, the other was a dad with 3 teenage sons, their mother was not around. The men of the two different households had mild conversations at times mostly over cars and automobile topics as the Dad of the 3-teenagers was rebuilding a pick-up truck.

Is It Possible Today to Build Up a Small Nation and Make It a World Class Superpower State?

Last year, I was discussing with an overseas acquaintance from South East Asia who is in Europe studying in college, a student of history, economics, and geo-politics. Specifically we began a lengthy dialogue on a blue print to build a world class superpower state from scratch, that is to say, with a non-educated population base and the basics of an independent nation with some resources already available, reserves yet untapped. Okay so let’s consider this proposition for a moment shall we?

Societal Alienation In Nations Based On Individualism

In countries ruled by individual freedom, particularly the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (here described as the Ultra-West), society has been claimed to be deteriorating over the years through rising asserted personal rights. What constitutes societal deterioration?

Will Artificial Intelligence Cure the Humans of Their Mediocrity?

Not long ago, I started a new series of articles discussing the future of artificial intelligence. Specifically how humans would have to compete for jobs in this future against the machines, smart machines with sophisticated algorithms, AI, and perhaps, even the ability to program themselves. How can humans compete against artificially intelligent robots doing mundane tasks in the work environment?

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