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Share Your Views on a Debating Platform

Debates are always considered to be something we did in schools or at college level. But presently, as grown adults too, it is really important for you to share your views and argue on counter views. You have to take the floor as every opinion counts in devising public policies.

What Is Starvation and What Can We Do to Prevent Starvation in Children Around the World?

What is starvation and can the massive starvation of children all around the world be stopped? Why is it that this massive starvation never reaches the headlines? Is there anyone that really cares enough to do something? There is a solution we just need action.

Equality Is Not Sameness

One of the longest-running errors in American society is that of equating equality with sameness. This error has been used and continues to be used for extremely destructive, invasive and malicious behaviors – such as for example forcing everyone to be the same person believing the same thing living the same life and exterminating anyone who is in any way different. In fact equality was never meant to mean sameness; and the use of the concept of equality to force sameness is a gross abuse of the concept of equality.

Why We Love Gossip?

Is gossip such a terrible thing? Are you ready to read about the latest remarkable discoveries about gossip? If yes, continue reading: Gossip surrounds us all the time whether we like it or not.

Blending the Best in Cultures

Younger countries are disadvantaged and often fail to solve the need to integrate indigenous people with the newcoming settlers. Older established countries have difficulties too in overcoming problems related to recent invasions and wars with other countries. But in this era that thinks toward unification it is best that we would seek to retain the essential individuality and the integrity of independent, wholesome and healthy countries within the global entirely as a whole.

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