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Characteristics, Types and Importance, or Reasons for Population Census

There are two main types of population census and they are: 1. Defacto Population census: This is the type of population census which involves the counting of only those who are present physically during census. In this group, only those who are present physically or seen are counted.

Population Density and Ageing or Declining Population and How It Effects a Nation’s Economic Growth

For the developed nations, underpopulation is not a good idea at all. Though it may not be recommended to developing nations as well, because this will also kill the little production they generate and hence a fall in the nation’s economy.

A Short History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is held annually on the last Monday of May. It is America’s favorite federal holiday as it is an official start of the summer season. Besides this, it is also an emotional holiday for many people because this day honors the fallen soldiers of the US Army.

Large Populations – General Overview, Advantages and Complications

Countries like China, United states of America, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia have large populations (not in relation to land mass or resources- just based on numbers). How can their population affect them both in a good note and a bad one?

Factors Affecting Migration and Solutions to Rural-Urban Migration, Especially to Developing Nations

Migration is the movement of people from one geographical area to another, involving permanent or temporary residence or settlement. There must be a reason or reasons of migration-either something is chasing the individuals away from their present location or there is an attraction to where they are going to. What are these influencing factors?

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