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Whodunit: Who Or What Killed Off Our Ancestors?

“Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?” was one of those top-notch mystery comedies from 1978. Who killed the ancestors of modern day humans isn’t quite so funny, but it’s still a top-notch mystery. I propose one rather unconventional answer, our creator ‘gods’, the extraterrestrials.

Survived Borneo Orangutan Charge While Studying With Dr Galdikas Research Team

You were guaranteed a different experience at Dr. Galdikas research camp and Borneo Orangutan preserve. Today was no exception. Awareness was crucial. This was after all the jungle. Wild animals and incredible sounds filled our senses. The smell, the jungle sounds, the unknown.

End to the Holocene Era

How did mankind evolve so quickly during the Holocene era to become an integral part of Earth’s fabric? Somehow in a vague period in our prehistory, we managed to switch from hunter-gathering to farming, closely followed by the emergence of pharaohs, emperors and elites who took control of all wealth and knowledge.

Born To Be Wild – The Opportunity To Study Orangutans With Dr Galdikas

The recent screening of the Imax film Born To be Wild at The American Museum of Natural History, which is about the efforts of Dr Galdikas to save and rehabilitate the Borneo Orangutan reminded me of my own time spent as part of Dr. Galdikas research team. I remember vividly the day we arrived in Kalimantan on the Island of Borneo on a blue klatak, a small wooden boat. It carried our research team, Professor Galdikas, lots of bananas, and bags of rice and tea. Hesitantly, we walked up to the different orangutan: Supina, mother of Bruno; Mr. Ed, the alpha male and Peggy and Shekeila, ex pats who were at the camp to be retrained on how to survive the wild.

The Value of Culture

A good culture plays a part in molding the morals of individuals and the society at large. Culture in itself is a powerful mentor, tending to shape individuals in its image. The culture of the ancient Greeks and ancient Israel show us the ways in which culture affected the morals of the individual; we read in biblical writings which was written in the era where these two cultures were predominant, that “Noah was a righteous man, and perfect in his generation.”

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