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Why We Need To Rethink Donald Trump’s Wall – We Need It More Than We Know

Many complain that Donald Trump hates Mexicans and Immigrants because he wants to build a wall at the Mexican Border – “A HUUUGE WALL!” Actually, that’s not such a bad idea. Currently, all we have is an 18 foot high fence from San Diego to Yuma, and from Brownsville, TX inland for 75 miles, along with walls near major cities and crossing points. In other places where there is a fence, it’s hardly maintained, some places in such disrepair you can drive a truck through it, and even where it is strong and well-guarded there are tunnels underneath for drug runners and coyotes who are substantially paid.

Perplexed I Am

In the heat of summer where the world is ablaze I find myself as perplexed as anyone can be. The rhetoric spewed by politicians as of late have offered little solace for all of humanity. So little time to waste and not a moment too soon our prayers still go unanswered, the lunacy continues.

Black Lives Matter Protests, Riots, What’s Next More Shootings and Violence?

So, what’s the real beef against Black Lives Matter, why are people calling them a terrorist group or trying to petition the government to label them as such? What’s wrong with this picture and where do we go from here? Well, as the founder of a think tank, I asked someone from the BLM (Black Lives Matter) leadership what their deal was. They told me they had the right to protest, okay so, here are my thoughts on that.

Don’t Bargain Under These Circumstances

Globally, countries bargain for securing rights to the ownership and use of resources. However, one should desist from bargaining under the following situations.

Homelessness and Rough Sleepers – Things to Consider

There are comprehensive, (although not exhaustive) lists exist as a one-stop-shoo to discover sources, agencies, and organisations in one place without the need to surf around the Internet to discover piece-meal. There are inevitable on-going changes given the nature of the work but can hep people to discover and learn more on the subject. However, even some of those who change locations or links will at least be able to re-direct you to other contacts known through historical networks.

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