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Sourav Joshi Vlogs and Flying Beast To 6 Million Subscriber’s Live Subscriber Count

Raw Cacao: The Cultural Craze, Part 1: Foodie Fav and Nutritional Rave

This article is all about the culture of Raw Cacao (Raw Chocolate), and the many positive roles it is playing on Earth today. Part 1 discusses chocolate as a foodie phenomenon, as well as its nutritional benefits. Part 2 will delve more into the history, mythology, and cosmology around cacao, which will flow in the regenerative culture of cacao covered in part 3.

Raw Cacao: The Cultural Craze, Part 2: A History of Healing

Part 2 of the Raw Cacao Craze discusses cacao (the chocolate bean) from a Historical, Cosmological, & Mythological perspective, tying in the themes of health, harmony, and balance that cacao brings throughout space in time. This will feed into part 3 of the series, which discusses in further depth the regenerative culture of cacao.

Re-Inventing Tradition: A Christmas Gathering With WoPiLa Inspiration

This article questions the current Western-cultural expression of the Christmas holidays, and suggests some possible alternatives. To what extent is the way people celebrate the holidays a tradition, and to what extent is it simply a habit? What roles has the media played in the perceptions of habit and tradition? How can we move from unconscious habit to healthy, intentional traditions?

Understanding Postmodernism

Postmodern philosophy now permeates Western culture, but few leaders understand it or know how to relate to those who hold to this worldview. By seeking to understand and connect with postmoderns, leaders can find fresh voices in their efforts to make the world a better place.

Starting Your Historical Census Research

There are lots of websites and resources you will need for your census research including access to City Directories to help you locate an address for your ancestors. As the 1940 census has not been indexed as yet, you could try searching for your ancestors on the 1930 census first as this census has been fully indexed and may be easier to locate your ancestors than the census of 1940. Furthermore, if you find the Enumeration District for 1930, there are websites available which will convert the 1930 Enumeration District number and provide you with the Enumeration District number for 1940. This will significantly reduce the time it will take to learn and work out the Enumeration District by other methods.

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