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History of Gladiators in Ancient Rome, Gladiator Schools and The Fights

Gladiators were part of a religious ceremony for the Ancient Greeks, later to become the favorite bloodsport to the Roman Empire. The gladiators (or “gladiatore” in Latin derived from the word “gladius” – sword) were slaves and prisoners of war of the roman empire. The favorite form of entertainment to the people of Rome.

Overview of Slavery in Ancient Rome – The Roman Slave Markets and Life of the Slaves

Slavery is the oldest form of abuse on human rights, yet a necessary measure for the growth of ancient civilizations. Whether captured soldiers or unfortunate people caught in the open, evidences of slavery go as far as 1,300 years BC. But no other slave system has ever reached such humongous scale as the slavery in Ancient Rome. This article will transport you back to first century BC in an attempt to review the Roman slave system.

Sexual Harassment and Outlawing Insults

The extent to which the vast majority of politicians are merely opportunistic populists never seizes to amaze. Following an important issue that was brought to light some months ago in Brussels by a local student, the Belgian political scene was up in arms. Through amateur video footage, the student in question highlighted the daily ordeal women in Brussels go through as they get insulted and harassed by men in the street and on public transport.

What Can One Know For Certain?

Memory reflects those events, occurrences, thoughts and feelings which are registered by the brain and filed away. If they are seen to be relevant, they would be remembered as something that one knows. How reliable is memory, since there is clear evidence that it is often faulty, or distorted by subconscious intent (or otherwise), or by the autonomous working of the brain? Are the Platonic or Hinduist pathways to knowledge, which deny the accuracy of information obtained by one’s senses, more reliable when dealing with matters of significant import?

Make Your Conveyancing a Piece of Cake!

Conveyancing is no simple ordeal – it can be quite complicated, in fact, especially when it concerns a more unusual type of property that is spread over several different documents. If you’re not familiar with the term at all, the basic premise is rather simple in itself – conveyancing refers to the act of transferring property from one owner to another. It’s the basis of a real estate sale/purchase, and it’s often the most complicated part of closing that deal too.

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