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Sourav Joshi Vlogs Hitting 6 Million Subscriber’s #shorts

Pliny the Younger on Christians

In his infamous letter “Pliny to the Emperor Trajan”, Pliny the Younger perfectly articulated the prejudice and intolerance that most of his contemporaries held toward the early Christians and Christianity. The opening paragraph of his letter is telling. He admits that he doesn’t have much knowledge of Christians or of…

The Olmecs: An Enigma Wrapped Up In A Mystery

When it comes to the ancient civilizations in the Americas, well the Amerindians like the Anasazi at Mesa Verde come to mind; even more so the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Mayans. But perhaps the most interesting of all, a culture that normally registers on the peripheral vision of our knowledge of all things Mesoamerican, is that of the Olmecs. Olmec society, civilization and culture is famous for several things: their mysterious origins and demise; their obsession with jade; their cult of the Were-Jaguar; and last, but not least, those monumental ‘African’ stone head carvings.

Thinning the Herd

I recently ran into an old friend who began his career as a paramedic and over time evolved into a manager of a city ambulance unit. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time so we sat down at a local watering hole to catch up on our lives. I’ve always found the work of paramedics and firefighters fascinating.

What Is Modernity?

Modernity has been defined as the ability to move in step with changing times. Human beings can be classified into traditional or conservative, modern, traditional with modern outlook and truly modern. Modernity involves reconciliation of past, present and future and can be attained only by application of mind. By merely following a trend or fashion or indulging in wishful thinking one does not become truly modern.

Disrupting Reality – Half In, Half Out

Okay so, this is a curious title for an article isn’t it? Indeed it is, although by the time I get done explaining my concept and philosophical message here I think you’ll agree with me. First, I’d like to say that most of us are now straddling the digital world or the virtual world with our real world. In fact, we are half in and half out aren’t we? Sure we are – consider how much time you spend online, and on all those personal tech devices.

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