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American Indians Are Your Neighbors

Many Americans believe Indians are far away, but they are our neighbors. On the web, it’s easy to find an Indian reservation or a festival or pow wow near your community. The census map is one of the best places to start looking for reservations in your county; you can also go to 500 Nations to find a tribe or event.

Historical Past Most Typically Relating to Neolithic Revolution Tools

The Neolithic Revolution was a time for change. The tools that were created were more time-saking through the pecking and grinding them into shape. When some of these artifacts are found, many assume that they come from the American Indian. That analysis is not correct. Yes, the American Indian used the stone tools, but they did not make them. The pecking and grinding had actually been gone and the art lost. Mainly because of the arduous task it took to make them.

Neolithic Revolution and the Mayan Civilization

The Neolithic Revolution compares significantly to Mayan civilization. Here upon the United States continent, discoveries have been made that date back to the Neolithic age and beyond. These people had a way of doing things in a manner that is trying to be uncovered. A history on the New Stone Age gives us better understanding of how we might discover more of these tools, ruins, axes, weapons, and finds.

Jewish Pacifism and Jewish Militarism: No Way to Win

Jews were attacked for being pacifists, and now they are attacked for being militarists. Those who attack them have history of both.

Addressing Black Racism

There are black people who hate white people for being white. This needs to change.

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