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Surprising an 8-year-old with a new LEGO® arm – Guinness World Records

Thoughts on Death From America’s Greatest Orator

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899) is one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, and during his lifetime was one of if not the most famous. Today, he is largely forgotten. He played many parts in his time – leader in the Civil War, orator, lawyer, political operator, womens rights champion and philosopher. One of his many interest areas was mortality – death and its role on the lives we live. Near the end of one speech, he said, And yet, after all, what would this world be without death? It may be from the fact that we are all victims, from the fact that we are all bound by common fate: it may be that friendship and love are born of that fact; but whatever the fact is, I am perfectly satisfied that the highest possible philosophy is to enjoy today, not regretting yesterday and not fearing tomorrow. So, let us suck this orange of life dry, so that when death does come, we can politely say to him, ‘You are welcome to the peelings. What little there was we have enjoyed.’ (Lotus Club Dinner, Twentieth Anniversary, March 22, 1890.)

History of The Chef’s Uniform and the Toque – How Henry VIII Played A Part in The Uniform’s History

Did you ever wonder why chefs wear the hat and uniform they do? Read on to find out more about the history of the toque and the uniform, and how Henry VIII played a part in all of this.

Tunisia Has a Rich History – Learn More – Book Review

If you look at a map Tunisia is a very strategic country, merely due to its location. But before the riots which took down the government in January of 2011, how many Americans really knew that much about that nation? You’d be surprised how much information there is on the history of Tunisia and that region of North Africa.

Are You a Racist or an Anti-Racist?

Well, it’s hard to have a political dialogue these days without someone calling you a Racist. But this name calling is merely a defense mechanism used by far-left leaning socialists to silence prudent observations and political views. In fact, it’s much easier to call someone a racist rather than having a legitimate intellectual argument.

What Is AVP? Alternative to Violence Program: Convict Reform

AVP was founded in the prison system 36 years ago. It was developed in the think-tank with convicts and members of the community. They were looking for a program that would disseminate away from stereotypical behaviour people expected to see from those coming out of prison system.

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