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T-Series Vs PewDiePie Vs Cocomelon SubCount History

A Walk To The Supermarket: Observations On Human Nature

As we all are aware, even if we would never admit it, the human being is the nastiest species on this pale blue dot of a planet. In fact, if there is any species that really needs culling, it’s the human species. If I needed any reminding of this, all I need to do is take a daily walk to the supermarket, and I’m guaranteed to see, albeit in microcosm, the worst that humanity has to offer.

Socialism and the American People – How Much More of This Can They Take?

When I say that progressives are not progressive, but rather they are regressive, I say that because socialism has never worked in the history of mankind in any nation it has ever been taken to. Oh sure, it works okay in the short term if there is good growth rate, but Lord help that nation if they have a demographic shift, or come onto hard economic times where they can no longer deliver to the people what they had promised, and there just isn’t enough wealth amongst the wealthy to squeeze out anymore. Still, when I use that “S-word”…

Competition Is for Losers

The title of this article will appear as anathema for the millions of us who have been accustomed to hearing the aggressive management-speak of the last twenty or so years this is so often fond of paraphrasing the principals of Darwinian evolution into distorted cliche’s like ‘only the strongest survive’. We have been so bludgeoned by endless repetition of this dogma that few of us are capable of questioning it, but the time to question it is now.

How to Buy Conflict Free Diamonds and Not Blood Diamonds

What are Blood Diamonds? Conflict diamonds, sometimes called blood diamonds, are stones sold by rebel and terrorist groups to fund armed conflicts and rebellions against legitimate governments. During the last 15 years, the illicit trade of blood diamonds has been most prevalent in central and West African nations, and affected mainly Sierra Leone, Angola, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ivory Coast.

Are Humans Afraid of Having Too Much Time on Their Hands – Afraid to Think?

We live in one of the most innovative societies on this planet and for sure the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, and yet perhaps we haven’t too easy, because it appears to me that most of the folks in this great society have turned their minds off. That’s right, and I have observed this throughout our nation, as I have traveled to every single city in the United States, over a seven year period. What I have found while sitting in coffee shops, and talking to regular folks, is that many people have just stopped thinking….

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