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T-Series Vs PewDiePie Vs SET India Vs Cocomelon

Was the Show I Love Lucy Demeaning Towards Women – Or Did It Help In The End?

Back in the days of TV sit-coms (situational comedies) with a lesson there was Lavern and Shirley, Gilligan’s Island, Brady Bunch, Happy Days and I Love Lucy. These were much different than today’s sit-coms or our hard to figure out reality TV shows (pointless). Some event in the beginning was played out and by the end of the sit-com there was a lesson of what happened to the individuals in the end – usually they made a mistake, a moral error, or stupid move and they paid for it.

World War II Generation and History

We see a lot of people who were part of the World War II generation complain that not everyone lives exactly the way in which they did. They should have more knowledge of history. The world changes in all sorts of ways all the time; and that they believed their way would last forever does not mean that the reality would collaborate with that belief.

A Clash of World Views: How Can They Be Transcended?

Throughout the world there are some major divisions that separate humanity and prevent us from working together harmoniously. Why do civilisations clash and what can be done about it?

The Misuse Of The Terms “First Generation Immigrants” And “Second Generation Immigrants”

Social Scientists traditionally use the term first generation and second generation immigrants to refer to migrants to the US and their children born here respectively. These terms have been criticized for being self-contradictory, ambiguous and leading to absurdities and should be replaced by calling immigrants permanent residents and their children born here Americans.

Modern Man Infertility and a Philosophical Relation to the Fall of Rome

They say that there is a correlation between population growth and economic stability. In fact, the number is considered 2.2 kids per couple, below that and impending doom will befall the nation-state. At least that is how the theory goes. Of course, based on this central government planners often attempt to get people to procreate in the proper numbers, or allow migrant immigrants to come in and settle and then have families of their own.

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