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The Yanomami People of South America

“Our land has to be respected. Our land is our heritage, a heritage which protects us. Mining will only destroy nature. It will only destroy the streams and the rivers and kill the fish and kill the environment – and kill us. And bring in diseases which never existed in our land.” This is the plea we hear voiced today by the jungle dwelling Indians of South America’s Amazonian region in response to the illegal gold mining taking place there. From cattle ranchers to gold miners to logging enterprises, the illegal raping of the land is happening at alarming rates. Pollution and disease greatly alarms and saddens these indigenous people.

The Mbuti of the Ituri Rain Forest

The Mbuti people of Zaire, Africa make their homes in the Ituri Rain Forest, living confidentially among its paths, valleys, and rivers. It’s speculated that these pygmy hunter-gatherers may be the initial African inhabitants. Around 2500 B.C., the Egyptians recorded the first known story of an expedition to the rain forest calling the Mbuti the “people of the trees”. The forest is vital to the Mbuti’s traditions and spiritual beliefs, and sustenance flows with the life of the Ituri. Often referring to the forest as mother or father, they revere it as the very source of their necessities for survival.

Tse Bit’A’I: The Rock With Wings: An Ancient UFO Event?

Mythologies are full of events that could be interpreted, if they happened instead within the last six plus decades, as a UFO event. The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ or ‘Wheel of Ezekiel” are cases in point from our Biblical mythology. Many of the mythological ‘gods’ or characters rode around in aerial or fiery chariots, but what about flying rocks or big birds transporting people around? A UFO chariot by any other name is still a UFO chariot.

Are Social Programs Unjust, Sinful, and Cruel – Despite Their Claims?

What’s that famous quote, it’s practically a proverb; “give a man a fish, he’s back every day for another fish, teach him to fish, and he will provide for himself for a lifetime.” Well, it hardly matters if you are a Christian or not, that’s just good wisdom isn’t it. Sure it is, and although some people would submit that Jesus Christ was or socialist, I would submit to you that the socialist programs we have in the United States are actually making people weak, making them reliant on the government, and then the government can afford to provide for…

The Sun’s Not Setting – The Horizon Is Moving Up

How can President Obama simultaneously be the destroyer of all things American for some and a great president, descent human being and admirable leader to others? Brain science sheds some light on how we can have such radically opposing views of reality. Until we learn to stop pushing people into such extreme categories of good and evil our future as a species is in doubt.

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