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The Significance Of Clothing In Society

For many people, clothes are nothing more than objects to be worn because society doesn’t allow us to go around naked. If these folks are cold, they simply put on a coat, and if they start to feel too hot then they take it off again without giving the matter much thought. Probably the only time most people think about the significance of clothing is when they are attending a wedding, funeral or a black-tie event, for instance, and even then the concern is one of appropriateness as befitting the occasion; the clothes themselves are not imbued with any particular significance other than their functionality.

Canuck Fans Riot – While The Homeless Are Denied a Mattress

Vancouver’s success at hosting the 2011 Winter Olympics is now being overshadowed by the Stanley Cup riots. A handful of looters, instigators and arsonists have turned Vancouver’s reputation to mud overnight. But is this the moment the city lost its innocence? Some would say Vancouver lost it long ago when it failed to provide proper housing and sleeping quarters for the residents of the Downtown Eastside. How do you weigh in?

Indigenous People: What They Can Teach Us

I had the privilege of attending a lecture given by Malidoma Patrice Some, a Shaman and a scholar from West Africa, and author of an extraordinary book, Of Water And The Spirit. I was deeply moved by his book, and even more so by his presence. Here was a man who had experienced ancient African initiation rites, entered the underworld and returned.

Do People Who Live in Similar Climates See Life in Similar Ways?

It is widely known that human depression is greater in areas with more overcast and fewer days of sun. It is also known by neurologists that when certain parts of the brain are warmer, or colder they work at different amounts of the efficiency. When the brain is a certain temperature people sleep better, and if it is too warm they have less depression, but they don’t tend to sleep as well, or get the REM that they need.

Since When Did it Become Politically Incorrect to Speak the Truth?

Although we have laws in our country to guarantee free speech, it seems that our speech is being stifled at almost every turn. There is far too much political correctness going on in both the virtual world and the real one. If people can’t talk about certain subjects, then those topics don’t get discussed, and communication breaks down.

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