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The Stench, Scapegoating Gays In American Politics

If we believe a gay person is homosexual by choice, we must also believe all humans are heterosexual and can choose to remain so or not. If this is so, then all heterosexuals are as capable of having same sex desires as all homosexuals have and vice versa. Can this be? Unlikely.

The Power of Cultural Symbolism

Everywhere we look in society we see forms of symbolic representation which identify and illustrate our cultural ethos. Symbols that we use, as distinct from signs, carry multiple meanings depending on the context and culture in which they appear.

Altruism: The Hard Truth

Altruism is widely recognised as a human trait. Using scientific, economic approaches in experimentation, we debunk altruism as a myth.

Human Bodies on Display

I will attempt to write this article in as objective a manner as I can. This would not seem like a formidable challenge if it were not for the fact that I am gripped with an intense indignation regarding this topic. There is a good chance that you have heard or seen a sign advertising the “bodies” exhibition.

How About a Cultural Islamic Renaissance Which Includes Maximum Freedom for Women?

The other day, I was speaking with an acquaintance and they brought up a very good point, and that was; what if the Islamic World had a renaissance which exploded with culture, new freedoms, art, and the advances of science? Consider if you will that the Middle East has a net inflow of global monies for oil and resources. Consider that the Middle Easterners make very good businessmen (and women), and more and more folks are becoming highly educated.

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