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Is The National Issue of Racial Tension Really As Big As the Media Purports?

Many folks still believe racial tension should be the number one priority to fix in our nation, and yet, I think I disagree. Why you ask, well because we have a Black President of the United States now, and he might even be re-elected, thus, it would be pretty hard to charge the US citizenry as racist or that we have a strong racial divide or unconquerable racial tensions in this great nation. Now, I realize that others may indeed disagree with my stance here, but let me explain some more of my thinking on this.

Comparing Human Societies to That of the Great Apes and Chimpanzees

Some of my dear friends really cringe when I compare human societies, social networks, and the US Congress to great ape societies and chimpanzee troops. And, you being a human reading this might have some swear words for me when you are done reading this, however, you know you have to keep reading to satisfy your curiosity, which indeed, only proves my point that you are a lot like your nearest cousins. Okay so let’s talk.

New Year in Kolkata, the Chinese Way

Kolkata is famous for its sizeable, ethnic Chinese population that has vastly contributed to the city’s rich cultural heritage. Although the Chinese residing in Kolkata for generations have integrated the Bengali way of living into their own lives, they have never lost their voice and has fiercely maintained their identity, which often finds a vivid expression through their quintessential festivals. The Chinese new-year is celebrated with equal pomp and gusto in Kolkata as in China. Streets resplendent with lights, intimate family gatherings, legendary Chinese cuisines and above all, camaraderie add to the color and joyous spirit of their celebrations. If you are in the city around that time, do not hesitate to participate in their delightful new-year celebrations, including their traditional lion-dance and take your study-abroad experience to a whole new level.

The Spooky Rise Of Halloween

You may recall that “A Christmas Carol” is indeed a ghost story… but I’ll bet most people watch the movie only at Christmas time. I prefer to use the film to remind myself to keep Halloween in its proper place – as a fun, spooky holiday for kids – and to keep Christmas on top as my personal favorite holiday…

5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Give Back and Volunteer

The world is full of opportunities to give back and volunteer. Plato once said that, “Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can do good to another.” With that in mind, it’s clear that giving back to the world sets you apart from most other people.

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