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How Statistics Skew Affirmative Action

What is also not explained to the average U.S citizen when shown statistics displaying each ethnic groups level of progress in comparison to whites is that shown statistics are greatly skewed in favor of whites and near white groups by causing blacks to appear to possess numerical supremacy or equivalence to other groups without stating the actual population level of each group; thus, blacks would appear to possess greater numerical values in terms of: lack of educational achievement, dependency upon social services such as welfare, and violent or drug related crimes. What white liberals, conservatives and their allies…

Ethical Causes and Their Attraction

There are many types of social and environmental causes that people dedicate their time to. What lies behind the motivation to join a cause and do some of them provide more meaning to life than others?

Well, If City Dwelling is So Much More Efficient – Why Do They Need My Tax Money?

Okay so, I don’t live in a big city, I never liked it much. I’ve always preferred to live in the suburbs, away from the traffic, hustle and bustle, and often the crime. However, now that I live in the suburbs, I find that the state government wants to tax me more, and take my tax dollar and give it to the city.

Getting To Know A Little Bit About The Tea Party Movement

The words “Tea Party” seem to be in everyone’s lips these days, most especially with the American Presidential race just around the corner and the “Occupy Wall Street” protests becoming more than what was expected or even predicted. For those not familiar with what this is all about, the Tea Party that is now rabidly discussed over the media even as this article is being written, is not the historic Boston Tea Party.

Would a Space Colony Be Best as a Communist Compound – Ouch

As an American, I know that free markets, freedom, liberty, and capitalism are the best way to run a modern civilization. Indeed, I’ve participated in capitalism, and am retired from the franchising industry. I have seen the incredible speed at which the free market operates, and how it delivers all the needs and desires of those that are willing to partake of their dollar for products and services.

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