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How Employment Assists in Mental Health/Substance Abuse Recovery

Meaningful employment positively impacts individuals in recovery from mental health and substance abuse by: 1) making them too tired to engage in former drug related activities directly after work, 2) bringing them under socialized peer pressure which can be exerted upon a macro (society as a whole ranging from employers to friends) and micro level (close associations), 3) implants healthy fears about losing hard won positions of respect within society and monetary rewards, 4) assist in developing and maintaining refusal skills – the ability to say – no – to their drug of choice, past dysfunctional behaviors and life style;…

Fighting for Gay Rights – 16 Aphorisms to Win the Debate

The fight for gay rights is the latest in a long line of American social struggles. Even though public support for these rights is steadily growing, many people are still dragging their feet. You can help win them over by sharing these 16 aphorisms.

Following Your Ancestry in Colorado

You will discover a great deal of rich history about Colorado in the process of searching various sources to obtain genealogy records. Like many of the other western and mid-western states, Native Americans originally inhabited it for thousands of years. If you are in a position to visit you will discover that the Lindenmeier Site in Larimer County has many artifacts that range from 11200 BCE to 3000 BCE.

Universals Of The Human Condition

Every human is unique in terms of their worldview. Every society, every community, every suburb, every village, town, city, county, state, country has a unique identity. Every culture, race (ethnic grouping) also has a unique identity. Yet there are certain universals seemingly shared across the board by the great majority of individuals comprising any and all narrower divisions. Some of these universals are mysterious; some not so mysterious. Here are just a few of them.

Domination, Violence And Their Antithesis

The innate urge to exercise authority over others seems to be so prevalent in the human society that no one is an exception to it – from kids to men of the highest learning. Where do its roots lie? What could be done to overcome it?

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