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Occupy Protestors Leaving Huge Trash Heaps Behind

Is the Occupy Wall Street Protest Period over? Well, we don’t know for sure, there has been talk about the LA port workers along with other major US ports having a union strike, and occupy protest. It seems that the transportation agencies are getting ready, along with all of the shipping companies for that potential eventuality.

What Would Leonardo da Vinci Search Online If He Were Alive Today?

Well, I’ve just been in a terrific mood for the last couple of weeks because I scored a great find at the local library book sale. You see I found a tabletop book about Leonardo da Vinci, which was filled with photographs of his sketches and artwork. He was an amazing individual, especially for his time.

Racism – Decidedly A Meaningless Term

Racism is a meaningless word, because there is no aggregation of humans which could qualify for the term race. This term originated with the recent colonisers from Europe, from pride in the asserted genetic superiority of the so-called ‘white race’ against the coloured people (now races) they had conquered. The term ‘racism’ obviously cannot apply when one white person denigrates or insults another white person. The time has come for more precision in expressing personal disparagement about another person’s culture, skin colour, religion, eating habits, behaviour, ancestry, cuisine, and such like.

American Cultural Identity: The Elements

First and foremost we must have a clarification over terms such as culture, identity and cultural identity which leads us to the American cultural identity and its elements. Culture is a very complicated term to define. “It has more than a hundred definitions.” To give a simple definition and no to confused with the hundred of the definitions we can define culture as follows: culture refers to the customs, practices, languages, values and world views that define social groups such as those based on nationality, ethnicity, region or common interests.

Fiction and the First Humans

Storytelling is what makes us human. People have been writing and reading fiction since our time on Earth began.

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