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Death With Dignity: It Is Neither Murder Nor Assisted Suicide

In this age of high-tech medical intervention, a natural death is fast becoming a thing of the past. Today, four out of five deaths in the U.S. involve some form of life-shortening measure.

Understanding Twenty-Somethings

Not all people between the ages of 20 and 29 are “20-somethings.” This label describes a certain set of characteristics that apply to a certain type of person in this age range. What causes the development of these characteristics is what we will look at here…

Is Human Nature Being Used Against Them?

There have been many books and essays written over the control of human populations, so what I am about to say is no secret or silly “Illuminati Conspiracy Theory” – it’s just the way things are, and so no one ought to be too surprised. Some might say humans are lazy by nature, or perhaps like any other species on this planet their genes are predisposition to conserve energy, thus the whole organism works to do maximize efficiency. So, of course, this is what humans do.

The Determinants of A Life-Path: Some Issues

What determines our lives on Earth is a difficult, if not impossible, question. Are the causes totally random, or is there a pre-determined pathway for each of us, or does each life-path lie between these two extremes? If in between, as seems to be most probable in terms of experience, what are the determinants, how do they operate, and what are the implications?

Violence Against Women in South Africa: The Experience of Mama Pilisani and CESVI

On the day that was proclaimed by the United Nations for the Eradication of violence against women, even in developing countries the situation continues to be tragic. In particular in South Africa where there is still a male subculture that justifies the brutal abuses: many, for example, believe that having intercourse with virgins can cure and prevent AIDS or that rape can bring homosexuals back to “normality”.

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