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Crop Circles – What ARE They and What Causes Them?

In some areas around the globe one often find plants in crop fields or grasslands laid down in geometrically regular and complex patterns, usually in a circular fashion. This phenomenon, called crop circles, is steadily gaining a heavy attention in mass media, and has also created an immense subculture with a specific belief structure and a lot of social activity.

Is It Possible To Eradicate Corruption?

In the modern age, corruption has grown out-of-proportion to paralyze the fundamental right to life. Though the corruption occurs in several ways, bribery remains the most common of its kind. Causes, types and solutions are shown here.

It’s Twilight Time

In the wee hours of morning, the dawning of yet another day when first light appears peeking over the horizon the sounds of silence are all around. It is at this time that moments of reflection have suddenly swept into my conscious thoughts. Memories of distant triumphs and past loves float ever so slowly, like looking through a kaleidoscope bringing life to each frame.

We Are All Riders On A Storm And Along For The Ride

When the Doors came out with that most thought provoking lyric “Riders On A Storm” you would have thought that by now the world would be in a much calmer realm of reality. But, now as I ponder those whispering words of remembrance of my distant past they have morphed into the harsh realities of today where we really are like riders on a storm. No longer are the days filled with those wondrous moments of those care free summer days.

Christmas, A Return To Paganism

A kaleidoscope of memories cascades over my conscious thoughts this holiday. Oh, how I long for all those Christmases of long ago. Images of Bing Crosby and Danny Kay forever are linked to this time of year where benevolence, compassion, and kindness reemerge after a year of absence from the efforts of humanity.

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